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Natural & Pop Earrings

Natural & Pop Earrings


Agate, Peach Moonstone, Turquoise, and Pink Coral Wire Wrapped Earrings


Agate Healing Properties

  • Love, Abundance, Wealth, Longevity, Courage, Strength, Protection, Security, Safety
  • Balance, Harmony, Generosity, Appreciation of Nature, Cleanses and Stabilises Aura
  • Enhances mental, concentration, perception, and analytical abilities, soothes and calms


Moonstone Healing Properties

  • Third Eye Chakras, Solar Plexus Chakra
  • June Birthstone
  • Happiness, Nurturing, Mothering, Unselfishness, Humanitarian, Love, Hope, Abundance
  • A stone for "New Beginnings", inner growth and strength, soothes stress, provides calm
  • Provides protection when you travel, helpful with big life transitions, ease and acceptance
  • Vibrates with feminine energy, softening heart and allowing energy to flow, youthfulness


Turquoise Healing Properties

  • Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
  • December Birthstone (blue-turquoise)
  • Serenity, Protection, Wisdom, Balance, Strength, Friendship, Love, Sensitivity
  • Purification stone, dispels negative energy, balances and aligns chakras, inner calm
  • Heals emotional and physical body, communication, supports a sense of optimism
  • Balances masculine and feminine energy, energy-boosting


Coral Healing Properties

  • Absorbs negative energy, Friendship, Community, Creativity, Passion, Romantic Love
  • Wisdom, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Balance, Relaxation, Protection, Safe Travel on Water
  • Diplomacy, quiets emotions and brings peace to inner self, Intuition, Imagination 
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