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AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2019

Festival Season in NY gives LIFE, abundantly! It is sensory overload, but in the coolest way. My favorite festival is AFROPUNK in Brooklyn because everything goes. Black underground artists represent and shine for a huge eclectic and vibrant crowd.

The fashions never fall flat and are so avant-garde, it's unreal and exciting. Everyone is welcome; that's what makes this art festival unique and special. Freedom of expression is important at this event and so is love. Afropunk's mission statement is, "to unleash freedom of expression, and honor the power of individuality while strengthening our community".

Every year as the summer winds down in NY, this festival reminds me that I am beautiful, uniquely created to live a bold and fulfilled life. Being surrounded by so much AMAZING black girl magic and black boy joy is awe inspiring. No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Agism, No Homophopia, No Fatophobia, No Transphobia, and No Hatefulness! When I leave Afropunk, I know that I am enough. Now get into these LEWKS!

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